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Hi Max
It’s 5 o’clock your time, so I am raising a glass of wine to our collaboration so far. I am still smiling from your words of encouragement from this morning’s conversation … finding a magical moment, dialogue zingers and powerful imagery at end … music to a writer’s ear. I also appreciate your honesty about the road ahead. But for now, I just want to say thanks from the bottom of my heart (wine glass) for getting [my script] to this point. We now stand a chance of making a difference together.

Cheers, KT, Alaska


EPILOGS: Electronic Picture Logs
EPILOG 1101 — 20110110 Stepping on My Own Shadow
image and text © 2011 Manuel Freedman, Los Angeles, CA 90064
EPILOG 1001 — 20100111 — Paradise Found (and Lost)
image and text © 2010 Manuel Freedman, Los Angeles, CA 90064